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Jollyants Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

Last updated: November 23, 2023

This Privacy Policy applies to any jollyants website (“Site”), digital experience, mobile application, store event or any of our other products or services (all of which constitute the gojollyants platform, the “Platform”). This page describes the personal information collected, generated and processed when you interact with We also provide information about how your personal information is used, provided to and protected by third parties, what choices you can make regarding your personal information, and how to contact Jollyants. We also explain how.

  • Who is the personal information processing company?
  • What types of personal information do we collect and when?
  • child
  • Tools to control what personal information we collect
  • Purpose and method of using your personal information
  • Provide your personal information to third parties, etc.
  • Protection and management of your personal information
  • Your rights regarding personal information
  • Cookies and Pixel Tags
  • When using the Jollyants Platform in conjunction with third-party products and services
  • Changes to Privacy Policy
  • Questions and feedback

Who is the personal information processing company?

The Jollyants entities are responsible for different treatments depending on how you access the Jollyants Platform and where you are located. The applicable Jollyants company is referred to in this Privacy Policy as “Jollyants” or “we” or “we”.

Please refer to the list of local legal entities for the name and contact information of Jollyants processing personal information.

What types of personal information do we collect and when?

In order to provide you with the products and services you request, we ask you to provide us with personal information. This may include, for example, when you make a purchase, contact our customer service, request to receive information from us, create an account or participate in one of our or events. This may apply to your participation in or use of our Platform. Additionally, if you request certain services on our store, you may be asked to log in to provide the services associated with your account (e.g., version types and preferences).

In this case, the personal information we ask you to provide includes the following:

  • Contact information: name, email, phone number, shipping/billing address, etc.
  • Login and account information: screen name, password, unique user ID, etc.
  • Personal information: gender, area of residence, date of birth, purchase records, etc.
  • Payment information or credit card information
  • Pictures, photos and videos
  • Physical data: weight, height and anthropometric measurements (e.g. estimated stride length, shoe or foot size, clothing size), etc.
  • Fitness activity data (provided by you or generated by our Platform, such as time, duration, distance, location, correlation to sustained consumption, pace/stride)
  • Personal preferences and choices: wish lists, marketing and cookie choices, etc.

Jollyants may obtain other personal information to enable certain features of our Platform. For example, if we request access to your mobile location data records and your running routes, we may request access to your mobile location data so that you can share your data with the friends you want. If you request access to information, such as requesting access to your calendar information to schedule your training schedule, or requesting access to your social network account to post content from the Platform to a social network you may sometimes request access. In these circumstances, the personal information we collect from you includes:

  • Motion data collected from the acceleration sensor of your device (terminal)
  • Photos, audio, contact and calendar information
  • Sensor information, heart rate, GPS location data, etc.
  • Social network information, such as account and other information obtained from your public posts involving Jollyants and communications with Jollyants.
  • When you visit our Platform, certain data about you is automatically collected from your device or web browser. Please see the “Cookies and Pixel Tags” section of this Privacy Policy for more information. Personal data collected Case data information includes:
  • Device ID, call information, network access, storage information, battery information
  • Cookies, IP addresses, header information, information about your web browser and its version, web beacons, tags and usage of our Platform


We comply with local laws in each country and do not allow children to register on our platform if they reach the age that requires the consent of a legal representative for the protection of personal information in the country where the child resides. widely accepted. We will seek parental consent before participating in children’s Jollyants experiences and activities.

Tools to control what personal information we collect

When you use our platform, we will promptly notify you or obtain your consent regarding certain personal information practices. For example, we may ask for your consent to use your data or send you proactive notifications. We may obtain this consent through standard consent methods available on the Platform or on your device.

In many cases, your web browser or mobile device platform may provide additional management tools that allow you to control the collection or provision of certain types of personal information by your device. I am. For example, your mobile device or web browser may provide tools that allow you to control the use of cookies and the sharing of location data. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the tools available on your device and use them correctly.

Purpose and method of using your personal information

The Company uses customers’ personal information for the following purposes and methods.

Provide platform and service functions required by customers

When you use our Platform, we use your personal information to provide you with your requests for products or services. For example, if you make a purchase on goj or participate in an event or promotion, we may use the information you provide to us along with your contact information to communicate with you about your purchase, event or promotional gift. We will contact you. If you contact our customer service, we will use your information (such as information about the products you purchased, payment information, and shipping information) to resolve your question or inquiry.

When you track your fitness activities and physical information on our Platform, we collect and store this personal information so that it can be viewed by you on the Platform. Your fitness activity information includes activity information you enter, as well as information collected by your device during your activity (such as location data and motion data). Jollyants will use this information about your activity to obtain other information about your activity. For example, providing you with the joy and consumption of life by taking measurements as part of the platform functionality.

In many cases, in order to use certain features of our platform, you may provide additional data to goj, or certain data may be used in certain ways to provide additional consistency. I need to receive this data. For example, to use the heart rate tracking features of our Platform, you may need to connect a heart rate measurement device. In addition, if you share content on a social network, you may be required to provide an account to log in to that social network.

Provide information and other information about Jollyants products, services and events

If you agree, we will send you newsletters and news about Jo ollyants products, services, events, promotions and other offers that we think may be of interest to you. Once you have given your consent, you may request to stop receiving these communications at any time.

direct selling

If you are an existing Jollyants customer (for example, if you have placed an order with Jollyants), we will contact you with information about similar Jollyants products or services, and you do not need to tell us to stop contacting you. In this case, and to the extent such case occurs, we may use the contact information you provide to contact you. Otherwise, we will ask for your consent to send you marketing communications. 


In addition to the information you provide to us, we also collect information about other Jollyants products or services from you, such as information when you use the Jollyants platform, visit a Jollyants store, or purchase from a Jollyants store. You may use information about your participation in Jollyants’ events with us and to provide you with personalized information about products and services that may be of interest to you. In this case, we may combine the information you provide with information we generate about your online behavior (including internal opinions and analysis).

Operate, maintain and improve Jollyants ’ business, products and services;

We use the personal information you provide to operate our business. For example, if you make a purchase, we generate information for accounting, auditing and other internal revenue purposes. We may use your personal information about how you use Jollyants products and services. Information can provide users with a better experience, diagnose technical and service problems, and operate our platform.

Protect the rights, property and safety of Jollyants or third parties

J ollyants may use personal information about how you use the Platform to prevent, detect, or investigate fraud, illegal activity, or violations of our Terms of Use, or to respond to court orders, government requests, or other requirements. This information should be used in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

General research and analysis

Jollyants uses data about how visitors use our platform and services to understand customer behavioral characteristics and preferences. For example, we use information about how visitors to search for and find products to better understand how to best position and display products in Nike stores.

Other uses

We may retain your personal information for other purposes, for which we will notify you at the time of collection and obtain your consent where necessary.

legal basis

We rely on the law to process your personal information depending on how you interact with our platform.

      • If you purchase Jollyants products from our platform, we need your personal information to perform our contract with you. For example, we require payment information and contact information to deliver the products you order.
      • When you use the App, we require your consent for processing and for certain limited purposes (for example, making in-app purchases), to perform our contract with you.
      • We also process information about the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns, products, services, events and other promotions; to operate, improve and maintain our business, products and services; we also rely on other legal bases, such as our status as a business, Property protection or security and general research and analysis purposes. When processing personal information, we will take appropriate steps to ensure that the interests we pursue are balanced with your interests, rights and freedoms. We will provide corresponding processing instructions upon request.
      • When we process your personal information, we will do so to comply with a legal obligation or to protect your vital interests.

Provide your personal information to third parties, etc.

Provided by Jollyants

Jollyants will provide your personal information to:

      • For the purposes and under the conditions set out above, your personal information will be made available to the Jollyants Group as a joint user or trustee of your personal information. In the case of joint use, the responsible company in the local company list will be responsible for the management of personal information.
      • Jollyants will provide personal information to companies entrusted with the processing of personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the above purposes of use. For example, processing payments and disbursements, shipping and delivery, hosting, administration and data operations, sending emails, conducting research and analysis, managing our brand, promoting our products, and operating our services and feature offerings. We will provide personal information. When our organization uses personal information processing contractors, we have contracts requiring the vendors to implement appropriate technical and security measures to protect your personal information.
      • (i) to comply with governmental requests, court orders and applicable laws; (ii) to prohibit illegal use of our Platform or violations of our Platform Terms of Use and our policies; and (iii) third parties. We will provide information to third parties to the extent necessary for the defense of our actions, (iv) to prevent deceptive activities and to investigate deceptive activities (such as counterfeit products, etc.).
      • Third-party targeted advertisers who provide us with personalized and customized advertising. Where permitted by applicable law, we may use these services to create custom audiences and tailor advertising to your interests across the internet, including social media. The information you provide is matched with personal information in the supplier’s database. Learn more about this. You may opt out of personalized advertising and audiences using the applicable settings on the Platform.
      • If you agree, we will provide your information to other third parties.

In the event that the Company sells, transfers or inherits all or a portion of its business or assets (including as a result of a business reorganization, merger, corporate division, business transfer, spin-off, dissolution or liquidation), we may provide you with information regarding the securities held by us. Your personal information.

Customer provided

If you use the social networking features of our platform, you may create personal data. This personal data may include information such as your screen name, profile picture and region of residence. You can also share your Nike activity information with friends or publicly. You are encouraged to use the Jollyants social feature sharing management tool we provide to control the scope of information shared by Jollyants social features.

Protection and management of your personal information

Encryption and security

We have implemented demonstration technical and organizational security controls. These include encryption and authentication tools to keep your personal information safe.

Cross-border transfer of personal information

Personal information we collect or process on our Platform is stored in the United States and other countries. Jollyants’ personal information may be located in a different country than the country in which your personal information was originally collected. According to the laws and regulations of these countries/regions, the personal information protection system may be at a different level than the country/region where you originally provided your personal information. However, if we provide your personal information to parties located in these foreign countries, including the United States, we will protect the personal information as set forth in this Privacy Policy and in compliance with applicable laws.

We take various steps to ensure that your personal information transferred to us is appropriately protected in accordance with the Privacy Rules. When personal information is transferred within the Jollyants Group, we use the Intra-group Data Transfer Protocol.

Storage of your personal information

Your personal information will be retained for the period necessary to fulfill the requirements set out in this privacy policy (unless applicable law requires us to retain it longer). Generally speaking, this means that your personal information will be retained for as long as you continue to have your Hiking account. We store personal information related to product purchases for a long period of time, to comply with legal obligations (such as tax and sales laws and for tax purposes). See more information here .

Your rights regarding personal information

Under certain circumstances provided by applicable law, you may request Jollyants: (i) access to your personal information; (ii) an electronic copy (portability) of your personal information and sidewall information to another company; and ( iii) Access your personal information if your personal information is incomplete or inaccurate. (iv) deletion or restriction of your personal information; or (v) other rights. These rights are not absolute. If we have obtained your consent to process your personal information, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

If you would like to request a copy of your personal information or do not have any other rights, please email

Suspend direct selling

You can also unsubscribe by contacting us by email with instructions to change your email or SMS subscription. You may also contact us using the contact information provided in the “Questions and Feedback” section below.

Cookies and Pixel Tags

When you use our Platform, information is collected from your browser, which may include Personal Information. We collect this information using various methods, such as cookies and pixel tags. Information collected includes the following customer information: (i) IP address; (ii) unique cookie identifiers, cookie information and information about whether your device has software to access certain features; (iii) unique device identifiers, device type ;iv) domain, browser type and language, (v) operating system and system settings, (vi) country and time zone, (vii) website visit history, (viii) information about your interactions with our platform, such as content clicked , purchase history, suggested preferences, (ix) access times and referral URLs.

Third parties may also collect information through the Platform through cookies, third-party plug-ins and widgets. These third parties collect data directly from your web browser and their processing of this data is governed by their own privacy policies.

We use cookies and pixel tags to track your use of the Platform and understand your preferences (such as country and language selection). This enables us to provide you with services and improve your online experience. We also use cookies and pixel tags to obtain aggregate data about platform traffic and transaction volume, understand trends, and obtain statistics to improve our platform. The main cookies used on our platform fall into three categories:

    • Functionality: These cookies are necessary for the basic functionality of the website and have corresponding enablement or status. This includes cookies that enable us to remember you as you browse our Platform, either within a session or within a session of your choice, supporting the use of the shopping cart and payment process, as well as helping to address security issues and regulatory compliance. sex.
    • Performance: These cookies improve the functionality of our platform through usage tracking. For example, these cookies increase the speed with which we process your requests to the website and help us remember the website preferences you have chosen. Disabling these cookies may result in recommendations that are not consistent with your preferences and may result in reduced website performance.
    • Social media and advertising : Social media cookies connect you to your social networks and provide the possibility to share content from our platform via social media. (Third Party) Advertising Cookies collect information that allows us to display advertising outside our platform that is better suited to your preferences. These cookies may contain the processing of your personal information. If you disable these cookies, you may see ads that are not relevant to you, you may not be able to effectively link to Facebook, Twitter or other social networks, and/or you may not be able to share content on social media. yes.

For a comprehensive and up-to-date summary of third parties that access your web browser (through our Platform or otherwise), we recommend that you install browser plug-ins for building web browsers. You can set your computer to notify you each time a cookie is being sent, or you can choose to disable all cookies. These settings can be made in the browser settings screen for each browser and device you use. Each browser defaults differently, so check your browser’s help menu to learn the correct way to change cookies. If you disable cookies, you may not have access to many features that enable you to use our Platform effectively, and some of our services may not function properly. Additional general resources for opting out of personalized advertising are available on the Digital Advertising Alliance website.

, you can adjust your ad settings on a mobile device-by-device basis. For example, to adjust your ad preferences on iOS, turn off Settings > Privacy > Tracking > Allow apps to request tracking. To adjust your ad preferences on Android, go to Settings > Google > Ads > Opt out of ad personalization.

When using the gojollyants Platform in conjunction with third-party products and services

Our platform enables our customers to interoperate with a variety of other digital products and services. For example, our platform can interoperate with third-party devices for activity tracking, social networking, music streaming services and other digital services.

If you are on a third-party device or use a third-party account to connect to your account, your privacy rights on the third-party platform are governed by the third party’s policy. For example, if you share information about your profile on on a third-party social media platform, the data shared there will be subject to that platform’s policies.

Our Platform may provide links to other (third party) websites and applications for your convenience and information. Linked websites and applications have their own privacy statements or policies, and we strongly encourage you to review them. If these linked websites and applications are not owned or controlled by us, we are not responsible for the content, the use of such websites or applications, or the privacy practices of such websites or applications.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Applicable laws and regulations and our operations may change from time to time. If we decide to update our privacy policy, we will post those changes on our Platform. If there are material changes to how we process your personal information, we will notify you in advance or, as required by law, obtain your consent before implementing the changes. We strongly encourage you to read our Privacy Policy carefully and understand our practices.

Questions and feedback

We welcome your questions, comments and concerns about our Privacy Policy and Privacy Policy. If you have any questions, concerns or wish to obtain your rights regarding free personal information, please contact us via (i) Customer Service (see (ii) Electronically please contact us by email

If you contact us with a privacy complaint, we will review your complaint so that the issue can be resolved promptly and effectively.

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